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Viagra® (Brand)
Viagra® (Brand)
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The little blue pill called Viagra is one of the most well-known and well-sold medication in human history. It is a drug that has created a kind of sexual revolution. Before Viagra, no known pill would work in all the cases, whatever be the cause of erectile dysfunction sildenafil will help.

To some extent fall in sexual performance in unpreventable for many men. As men age, there is a constant drop in testosterone levels. They also get various diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Aging men are dependent on numerous medications to feel well. All this means a gradual decline in sexual health and performance.

On the other hand, the average age is increasing with each year. Thus, it is entirely reasonable for men to expect to have a longer sex life. Nowadays, men in 50s or 60s are regarded as quite young; they want to enjoy life, have fun, and have lots of sex.

In pre-Viagra days, men who could not get hard erection used pumps, that were painful to use and had an only short-lived effect. Not to mention that using pumps in embarrassing. Many men invested in herbal remedies that would not work. In extreme cases, some men went to the doctor to have papaverine injected into their penis, which helped get an erection for a few hours. And, then came Viagra, and everything changed for men. Just pop up a pill, an hour before planned sex, and the stallion is ready to mate. What is even more amazing that Viagra can be bought online, and without doctors’ prescription.

How Viagra era started?

Many good things in life come as a surprise and Viagra is no exception. Viagra is a brand name for a pill that contains chemical sildenafil. Thus, word Viagra and sildenafil can be used interchangeably.

In the late 1980ies, pharmaceutical company Pfizer identified sildenafil as one of the candidate molecules for treating heart diseases. They knew that Viagra/sildenafil helps dilate blood vessels. So, they thought why not test this drug for preventing a heart attack.

In 1991, a clinical trial of Viagra started, but it failed miserably to help the participants with a health condition. It seemed that Viagra/sildenafil is doomed to fail. But then researchers noticed very strange kind of side effect reported by participant, they reported having hard erections, improved sexual life. Some described having an erection as hard as they used to have in school days. These reports forced Pfizer to look at sildenafil differently, and the rest is history. The most potent drug to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence was born.

How does sildenafil/Viagra work?

Male penis is primarily made up of sponge-like tissue called corpus cavernous. Penis also has a rich supply of blood. When men are sexually aroused, the brain sends a signal to the blood vessels in the penis. The result of this signal is increased nitric oxide production, which in turn increases production of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). cGMP helps blood vessels in the penis to relax and thus improving the blood flow significantly. This increased blood flow inflates the penis resulting in a hard erection.

However, it is necessary that erection in men should only last as long as it is needed. Thus, an enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) keeps destroying the extra cGMP. So, what Viagra or sildenafil does is block the PDE5 enzyme, thus increasing the concentration of cGMP in the penis and improving the quality of erection. That is why sildenafil is also called PDE5 inhibitor.

Viagra starts working within about half an hour of intake and continues to work for a few hours in most cases. Generally, it works best for about four hours, though the effect is felt for about 12 hours. Some individuals are more sensitive to Viagra and may even feel its impact for 24 hours.

Why online non-prescription Viagra is cheaper, and does it work equally well?

Once we know that Viagra really works for most men, the next natural question is that should a person buy it from a nearby pharmacy or opt for cheaper variations sold online. If you check Viagra at online pharmacy, you will see a much greater choice. Nowadays, Viagra is available in different forms, doses, and packs. Online pharmacies sell them at a much lower price.

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Pricing is the main reason why people buy Viagra online, and the good news is that it works equally well. There is no difference between the more expensive Viagra sold at local pharmacies and that sold online. Reason for the lower price of online Viagra is simple; they are generics.

As per international law, any new medication or drug cannot be copied for at least 15 years, so that researchers get a chance to recover their investments. In case of Viagra, its international patent expired way back in 2007. It means that after 2007, most large pharmaceutical companies are allowed to produce Viagra. Since these other companies have not invested in research, they are able to produce and sell Viagra at much lower prices.

Even better, many of these multi-nationals have experimented with various drug forms like tablets, mouth-dissolving tablets, flavored jellies, and so on.

Since Viagra is not covered by health insurance, it is always a good idea to order it online, in that way you can really save a lot. Moreover, Viagra is not a kind of drug that is used once a while. Once you start using it, you will fully realize its benefits and see how it can transform your sexual life. Those who have not used Viagra cannot even guess its benefits.

Still, have a doubt? Then consider this fact that US defense department is one of the biggest buyers of Viagra. Veterans frequently suffer erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons and other physical diseases.

If you have never ordered Viagra online, that too without prescription, you are really missing something. It is one of the safest and most effective options to spice up your sexual life.

I am not impotent, should I be taking Viagra?

A large number of people who want to buy Viagra online without prescription are those who are not very old, and they do not have severe erectile dysfunction. For such younger or middle-aged men, who only occasionally have problems in gaining a hard erection, or those just looking for a way to improve their sexual performance, asking for Viagra at the local pharmacy is too embarrassing. Moreover, they are not sure if they should use Viagra and is it safe for them. After all, they are not impotent; all they want is to get better in bed. These are men who want to make her moan in a way they used to 10 or 20 years back.

So, in short, the reply is big YES. Viagra is safe even if you want to take it just to improve your sexual performance, and it will help. In those with performance issues, and not suffering from severe erectile dysfunction, Viagra will help in almost 100% of cases and that too at lower doses like 25 or 50 mg while severe cases may need 100 mg.

Viagra is slowly taking the shape of a recreational drug. Many men do not have enough time to have sex on weekdays. During weekends they want to have prolonged and multiple sexual acts. They frequently mix sex with drinks. However, alcohol may negatively affect sexual performance in many men. In such cases, Viagra without a doctor prescription, bought at online pharmacy could be a good option.

Millions of men use Viagra at weekends, and most agree that it has transformed their sexual life. It helps them prolong the sexual act by several minutes. Some are able to carry on for 10 or 20 minutes, and even longer without any issue. Even best, those who take Viagra make a quick recovery and are ready to have the next sex within a short time. Almost half of those who take Viagra attempt their second sexual act within an hour.

Where to buy Viagra without a prescription?

It may seem pretty simple that just search a website, place an order, and that is it. However, things are more complicated. There is a considerable demand for Viagra, so one must be careful, and never order it from an unknown online pharmacy.

Research shows that there are many websites that are selling sub-quality Viagra. In many cases, when people buy Viagra online, it does not work as a thing inside a pack is different from what is ordered. Quite frequently dose is much lower than what is written on the box. Even worse, in some cases, you receive all together a different thing like metronidazole tablet repacked as Viagra.

So, what is the safe way to buy non-prescription Viagra online?

First and foremost, ensure that website selling Viagra has at least some history behind it. It does not necessarily have to be a 10-year-old website, but should not be 2-3 months old. There must be a satisfied customer, with lots of trustable reviews. Generally, when you go through reviews, you can get some feeling.

Make sure before ordering that contact telephone in mentioned on the website. So that you can directly contact a vendor, in case you have any doubt about the delivered products. In most cases, good websites will have a qualified pharmacist working all the time to answer your calls.

Also, make sure that the website is safe to carry out financial transactions. Generally, a good side will have the right kind of payment gateway. If you are unsure about it, you can learn more about it online.

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One of the leading firms on online security SiteLock recommends to look for following things in a website to decide if it is safe;

  • Make sure that in the web address bar you see HTTPS (not HTTP). HTTPS indicates that the website is encrypted and hackers cannot steal your information readily. This is a secure protocol.
  • Read the privacy policy of the website – to know more about how your data is collected, will website share your data with others or not. Presence of privacy policy itself says a lot about a website; it means that they care about you. Apart from our policy section, the good commercial site will have additional information under the section terms and conditions.
  • Look for other indications of trust like the presence of trust seals and so on.
  • Look for other signs of safety like how many products they are selling, usually wider variety means better. Avoid websites with too many pop-ups and lots of claims; it is a sign that they are trying too hard to trap you.

Finding a good website to buy Viagra online is not an easy task; checking a website is quite an intimidating task. Therefore, we have used our expertise and years of experience in the field. We scanned hundreds of online pharmacies based on our preset criteria to find some of the best suppliers of Viagra online.

We must say that very few websites were able to pass our stringent security tests, that included even shopping and testing the supplied products. Based on our research, we must say that the website was able to clear most of our security tests. And the products/medications that we received from this website passed all the quality checks.

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