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Viagra from India – Review

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India is not just a country of Kamasutra; it is also known as a global pharmacy. India is among the biggest producers of mediations in the world by volumes. Many developing nations are dependent on India to fulfill their needs for medications. In many Asian, African, and Latin American countries as many as one-fourth of medical drugs are of Indian origin.

India has an old history of medicine and sexual education. It gave world two important kinds of literature, that is Ayurveda (the science of life – an ancient medical system) and Kamasutra (perhaps the first book on the art of sex). It seems that Indian interest in human health and sexual health is quite old.

However, it will be wholly wrong and underestimation to think that India is just a pharmacy for developing economies. Very few people know that most Indian exports of medications go to the US and EU nations. In fact, almost half of all Indian medicines are exported to developed countries like US and EU zone. India has the highest number of US FDA approved manufacturing facilities outside the US! It leaves no scope to doubt the quality of products from the nation. It also has the highest number of EU GMP approved facilities outside the EU zone.

Erectile dysfunction – a hidden epidemic

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is commonly known as impotence, a condition when a man fails to gain erection hard enough to have penetrative sex. However, it is not just a failure to have penetrative sex; ED is a much broader problem. Many men can get an erection to initiate sex, but either their erection is not hard enough, or it may not last long enough to have enjoyable sex. Thus, ED is not just about sexual failure; it is about inability to enjoy sex. Further, some men fail to have a good sex life as they take too long to recover.

ED is not a new phenomenon, and men have suffered from it since ages. In almost every cultural group one can find numerous recipes to increase male power. However, the problem with traditional methods is that they do not work in the majority of cases; they take quite long to work even in those they work. Moreover, traditional remedies are not strong enough to satisfy the increasing demand of the modern man. Worst of all, ED is on the rise globally.

Why is ED on the rise? And why we need Viagra from India?

Reasons for the rise of ED are manifold. Modern lifestyle is about being too busy most of the time. It is psychologically stressful, and yet physically sedentary. It means that the physical health of men is on the decline and mental stress on the rise. All this along with industrial foods add to the problem of ED. ED is both a psychological problem and physical. Men want a quick and affordable way to get rid of this issue, and this is where Viagra from India is indispensable.

How does Indian Viagra work?

It is important to understand that whether Viagra comes from India, the US, or EU, all are the same things, and they work similarly. Viagra is the brand name for a compound called Sildenafil. Thus, Viagra from India may come under various names like Kamagra, Sildena, Fildena, and so on, but all of them have sildenafil in them. In short Viagra or sildenafil are the same things. In medical science, sildenafil is the preferred term.

To get erection men must be sexually/psychologically aroused. This results in the release of NO (nitric oxide) in the blood vessels of the penis causing their dilation, improved blood flow. Improved blood-flow literarily inflates the penis like a balloon, giving a hard erection. In ED, there is not enough blood flow to the penis, as not enough of NO is released.

In men, NO is produced with the help of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate). It means that Viagra or sildenafil works by increasing the amount of cGMP, which it does by preventing its destruction. An enzyme called phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) is responsible for neutralizing cGMP in the penis, for ensuring that erection lasts only as long as it is needed. So, what Viagra does is inhibit PDE5, thus increase cGMP and NO in the penis, and therefore improves local blood flow.

Interestingly, Viagra was first created to treat heart diseases and not ED. However, in the clinical trials, it failed to provide benefits in heart conditions. Researchers were almost ready to classify it as a failed project when they stumbled upon exciting information that many old men who participated in the clinical trial reported getting a hard erection after taking the drug, and the accidentally right purpose of sildenafil was discovered.

Viagra from India

What is generic Viagra from India? Is it good enough?

Viagra is now mostly sold on online pharmacies. There are European pharmacies, Canadian pharmacies, Indian pharmacies. However, most of them are selling generic Viagra from India. Viagra from India is way cheaper than that available in the nearby pharmacy stores in Europe or the US. This leads to the next logical question, is generic Indian Viagra the same thing as original, is it good enough? If it is of good quality then why is it cheaper?

In short, Viagra from India is as good as original with no known difference in quality; one can be more than 100% sure about that. There are reasons for it being lower in the cost.

To understand why Indian Viagra is cheaper and still works equally well one needs to understand the concept of generics in medicine. Everything in the world is created for the first time and so is true for medications. Some companies are innovators, and they spend billions of dollars in research each year. They come up with new drugs. Such companies are called innovators, and the medication they produce are called original drugs.

Viagra was first made by the US company called Pfizer. It spent years in research and billions of dollars. It got FDA approval for Viagra in 1989. Since it spent so much money in the study, it needs to recover that amount through the sales of the drug. The modern legal system provides some protection to such companies. Legally they are given 15-20 years (protected by patent) to recover their costs. During this period no other company can copy produce that drug. This initial period is a time of monopoly of the originator, time to recoup investments. Thanks to this protection, Pfizer made billions and billions of dollars in net profit through the sales of Viagra.

However, in 2007 patent for Viagra expired. Since then any pharmaceutical company has a legal right to produce the drug, and these drugs are called generics. This is where the Indian pharmaceutical market and Indian online pharmacies specialize. They specialize in making generic drugs. These drugs go through the same stringent tests as original medication. They go through a similar kind of FDA approval process to ensure equal quality as the original drug. Since they have not spent a penny in research and they produce in much higher volumes, they can bring costs down.

It means that generic Viagra from India is an exact copy of the original Viagra and the only difference is the price tag. These drugs are for masses; generics can be afforded by all people.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing Indian Viagra:

  • Make sure that brand is known and there are good online reviews
  • Learn a bit about the manufacturer to ensure that the product is made by a big company
  • Look at the range of products produced by the company

Does science support generic Viagra from India?

Undeniably, Yes. Generic or being Indian medication does not mean that it is not tested in labs and clinics. Any generic sold in the US and EU have to go through numerous tests. They are tested in labs for the quality of products, to make sure that they comply with all the preset standards. That is not all; they are also examined in clinics to ensure that they work up to the mark. Further, manufacturing facilities are also subject to regular checkup. Only factories with EU GMP and FDA approval can sell drugs in the EU or FDA. Such approvals ensure that even factories are run in the same way as pharmaceutical factories in the US or EU.

How to use Indian Viagra?

One of the biggest reasons why Viagra is in such a wide use is ease of use. All you need to do is just take a pill when and as required. It means that you do not take it daily. Viagra does not cure ED or its causes. It just helps to get a hard erection fast and thus boosting sexual performance.

Generally, Indian Viagra is taken about an hour before the planned sexual activity. It should be taken with a glass of water for quick and maximum effect. One should avoid taking it with food, as mixing with food items may reduce the efficacy of the drug. Viagra or sildenafil does not mix well with alcohol, although a glass or two of wine will not harm, too much of alcohol must be avoided.

Indian Viagra lasts long enough to have more than one sexual act. It reaches its peak effect in an hour of ingestion, and this effect continues for 4-8 hours. In some individuals, it may work 12 hours or even more. Do not take more than a pill in 24 hours, as in some cases it may cause a painful erection.

Quite like any other Viagra, Indian Viagra is also available in 25, 50, and 100 mg tablets. Some companies are also selling mouth dissolving tablets and flavored gels or quick action and easy intake.

In young patients who have never used Viagra earlier, or in cases of mild ED, 25 mg is enough to have good sex. However, in older adults or those living with ED for long higher dose is needed and recommendation is of 50 mg at least. Some specialists think that in older adults it is better to start with 100 mg, as it will work better, help better in regaining the lost confidence. The dose can always be corrected according to the needs.

Viagra from India

Adverse effects of Viagra from India

Viagra from India is an amazingly safe drug. Although side effects are frequent, but they are not severe. It is extremely rare for anyone to discontinue these drugs due to side effects. Most unwanted effects are transient and short-lived.

Among the common side effects are flushing, redness of face and eyes, headaches, nausea. Some may also complain about gastrointestinal side effects.

Since Viagra was first created as a drug to treat heart conditions, it still has some effect on the heart and blood vessels. It dilates the blood vessels a bit, and thus reducing the blood pressure. That may sound good for those living with high blood pressure. However, those taking medications for blood pressure may need to reduce their dose of Indian Viagra if they plan to use it regularly.

Viagra should not be taken with nitrates, a class of drugs used to treat heart diseases as it may cause unwanted fall in blood pressure with these drugs.

Unlike common belief, Viagra or sildenafil is safe in heart conditions. However, caution should be taken if a person had a heart attack in recent history. There are some reported cases of a heart attack in older adults with Viagra, but these heart attacks did not occur due to Viagra, they happened due to overexertion in the bed. Some older men become too excited with Indian Viagra and start overindulging in the sex.


To conclude, Indian Viagra whether bought in a nearby pharmacy or online Indian pharmacy will work well in most adults. These drugs are low in cost, affordable, and still, are of high quality. Indian Viagra will give to erection like in teenage. With these drugs, you are ready to revive your sexual life, enjoy as much sex as you want. These drugs are a blessing for those living with ED, and they work predictably in the majority of cases.