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Erectile dysfunction or commonly called impotence is a more frequent problem among men than thought. However, due to the embarrassment, it is not much discussed. Men are often left on their own to find a solution.

Research indicates that as many as one-fifth young men do not get a satisfactory erection. However, things are worse in men of middle age and above, where more than half may have erection issues. In young men, the problem is often psychological, while in older adults it is more secondary due to other disease conditions.

Aurogra 100 mg helps to get an erection within one hour, and the effect lasts at least for 12 hours. In some conditions, the result may last even for a day.

It is not only good to treat erectile dysfunction, but it also helps recover faster, and many men can have multiple acts. Improved confidence and higher partner satisfaction, also results in better relationships.

Aurogra 100 mg is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs that are called PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitors. It is similar to the famous pill Viagra but comes at a fraction of its price. It works by improving blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. PDE-5 inhibitors increase nitric oxide production in the penile tissue.

What does the science say about Aurogra 100 mg?

First PDE-5 inhibitor to be invented was sildenafil. It is an active component in both the Viagra and Aurogra. Thus both the drugs are the same; different are brand names.

Many people do not know that sildenafil was discovered by chance. It was a drug created to treat heart diseases. However, during the clinical trials, it did not help much with heart, but participants reported strong and better erection. This is how Viagra was born.

It is now the first line of treatment of the problems of erection. It is among the most effective of treatments. It will not treat the underlying cause. However, it will provide temporary relief from the problem. There is no doubt that it works fast, as millions of men have used it.

When taken an hour before, it remains the most effective drugs of all. In hundreds of clinical trials, sildenafil (Aurogra 100 mg) has repeatedly proven better than other similar drugs like tadalafil (Cialis or vardenafil. In one of the systemic reviews sildenafil improved erection in 76% of cases. It is much higher than placebo (23%).

As already mentioned that in older adult erectile dysfunction is the result of falling general health. Diabetes is emerging as the primary cause of erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. In one of the systemic reviews published in prestigious journal Cochrane, Sildenafil (Aurogra) was found almost seven times more effective than placebo, in those living with diabetes.

Analysis of hundreds of clinical trials also shows that sildenafil (Aurogra 100 mg) is amazingly safe. Very few side effects occur, and they are reversible.

How to use Aurogra 100 mg

It is not taken daily, or on a regular basis, but rather when and as required. Effective dosage is 50mg to 100 mg. Though 50 mg works for most men, however, starting with 100 mg is better as it helps in most cases. However, one should not take more than one tablet in a day; else it may cause painful erection in some cases.

Aurogra should be preferably taken one hour before sexual intercourse. One may think that such precise timing is difficult, but you do not need to worry. It works perfectly well even if taken a few hours before the sexual act. In most cases, it would provide night long erection. Most men who took Aurogra reported having sex even in the next morning.

It should be preferably taken on an empty stomach with a glass of water. Although, some may also take with light food. Food would slow down absorption, and delay its action. It is not recommended to be taken with alcohol.

About the product and manufacturer

Quality of any medication depends on the way it is made. Aurogra is made by one of the leading generic drug makers in the world. It is produced by Aurochem, which is a subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma. It is a company that works in more than 100 countries. Its medications are FDA approved in the majority of European nations, and in the Americas.

Adverse effects

Safety always remains the concern with drugs. Aurogra 100 mg is among the safest of drugs. There are no reports of severe side effects. Most commonly reported unwanted effect is temporary nasal congestion, headaches, fall in appetite, muscular pains.

Another frequent question is about cardio safety. Aurogra is safe for the heart. One may say that they have heard about heart issues with such drugs. It is essential to understand that those reported problems were false, and not due to sildenafil, but rather due to over-exertion by older adults.


A safe and fast-acting drug that helps get a hard erection for long and satisfying sex. As one of the 50 years old Aurogra users said “I still love and fancy my wife a lot, however in recent years our relationship worsened as I was having a problem in maintaining an erection. This amazing pill solved my problem. Now my erection is almost as it was when I was 20 years old.”

Another of our younger user said that he had not much problem with erection. However, due to tension, he failed to have long and satisfying sex. Aurogra gave me my confidence back. It saved me from frustrations. Now even if I finish, I am back again in half an hour.

In short, Aurogra will help in 90% of cases. It will assist not only gain a hard erection, but it also helps in many cases of premature ejaculation. For many men, it is possible to have repeated sex on just one dose of Aurogra.

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