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A large number of men are not able to get an erection when they want, or they cannot hold an erection long enough for good sex. Reasons could be many, from failing health, stress, medications, smoking, to over-consumption of alcohol. To solve problems with an erection, a drug such as Cenforce will be discussed

In many cases, knowing the cause of erectile dysfunction is difficult. Unlike common belief, low testosterone is the cause of impotence in very few instances. In most men with erectile dysfunction there is not a complete absence of erection, but what is lacking is the hardness.

Further, men often face two opposing kinds of problems. On the one hand are the men who come to early, thus cannot have satisfying sex. Then some men fail to ejaculate and get tired.

Sex has a much broader role in men health. Problems in sexual life lead to sleep disorders, heart issues, metabolic syndrome, binge eating, anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence, worsening of social life, and much more.
Cenforce can provide hard erection within an hour, an erection that would last longer. It would also help to have multiple sexual acts.

What is Cenforce?

Cenforce contains sildenafil (as Viagra), a drug belonging to a class of medications called PDE5 inhibitors. Male penis is made of sponge-like tissue called corpus cavernous. On sexual arousal this sponge-like tissue is inflated by blood, resulting in a hard erection. Cenforce helps to relax blood vessels in the penile tissue, thus boosting blood flow, improving erection quality, in a very short time.

What does the science say?

Cenforce (sildenafil) works by relaxing the blood vessels. The drug was discovered by co-incidence during its trial for heart diseases. During the studies, it was found that sildenafil/Cenforce does not relax the heart blood vessels much. But blood vessels in the penis are susceptible to this drug. It explains why this medication works. It is vital to know that it will only work in the presence of sexual stimulation. Usually, you will feel how forcefully and fast blood rushes to your penis when you want to make love.

What is good about Cenforce/sildenafil is that it works independently of the cause of the problem of erection. It means that whether you are a young and unconfident guy, or person in 60ies looking to revive his sex life, it will do wonder in both the cases.

In men above 50ies diabetes is the primary reason for erectile dysfunction. In the diabetes arteries stiffen, they may even get blocked. Further, in diabetes nerve health suffers. It means that genitals become less sensitive, thus cannot get a good quality erection. In one of the clinical trial done in those living with diabetes, it was found that sildenafil/Cenforce can help in most cases. The effectiveness of sildenafil was almost five times higher than placebo.

Erectile dysfunction leads to worsening depression, and depression worsens the erection quality. It is a vicious circle. Drugs used to treat depression may help with mood, but they only deteriorate the sexual life and pleasures. Sildenafil/Cenforce is among the few drugs that can break this cycle. Several clinical studies have shown that sildenafil can help improve erection and sex life in those with depression. Interestingly, these studies also show that improved erection results in marked improvement in the symptoms of depression too.

How to use Cenforce

Cenforce 100 is a 100 mg tablet. Unlike other drugs, there is no course of this medication. It means that you do not take it daily for some specific period. It does not treat the causes of erectile dysfunction but only helps get an erection. Thus you take this drug only when you plan to have intercourse.

Studies show that 50 mg works in most cases, but Cenforce 100 mg is better to start with. Experience shows that 50 mg is less effective, so if a person begins with a lower dose, he may get discouraged. Cenforce 100 mg is effective in 90% of the cases. Thus it brings your self-confidence back in a short time. In sexual life confidence counts. You need a pill that you can trust each time, and Cenforce 100 mg is that kind of medication.

So next time you plan to have sex, take a single pill of 100 mg of Cenforce about an hour before sex. If you are not sure about when the moment of sex would occur, do not worry, Cenforce acts for a few hours. Most men feel the stimulating effect of pill up to 12 hours.

About the product and manufacturer

Cenforce if manufactured by one of the premier pharmaceutical companies of India called Centurion pharma. The drug is Indian FDA approved. It is a company that is known for producing high-quality generics for a range of disease conditions. Many of its products are widely available in the EU and the US.

Adverse effects

There are very few side effects of the pill. Most side effects are short-lived and reversible. As it effects on the blood vessels, so you may get mild headaches (not always), nasal congestion, hot flushes. You need not worry about these unwanted effects as they would not last long.

The drug is safe for the heart too. However, better consult a doctor if you are on medications for blood pressure or angina. Generally, sildenafil/Cenforce can increase the effect of these medications.


Erectile dysfunction is a chronic and embarrassing disorder. Many men keep living and suffering with it. They think that drugs like sildenafil/Viagra/Cenforce may harm their health. This disbelief in drug therapy is false and unfounded. Each year more than 100 million men use sildenafil, and side effects are infrequent.

So if you are failing to enjoy sex, better consider starting Cenforce 100 mg. So many satisfied customers of this brand are witness to its effectiveness. As one of the regular users of Cenforce said “I am diabetic for the last 24 years, my sex life was almost nil for the last few years. Thanks to a friend who recommended me this pill. I have now even forgotten that I had any problem with erection, I feel young again”.