Erectafil 20mg – for an unbelievably long-lasting erection

Erectafil 20mg
erectafil 20mg
Generic name: Tadalafil
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Have you been reluctant to engage in sexual activities recently, or feeling depressed, irritated, chronically fatigued? The reason could be that you have lost your sexual confidence. One of the common problems many men face. But a drug like Erectafil, which will be discussed below, will help you

A few decades back erectile dysfunction (ED) was regarded as the problem of older men. However, now it is well known that even many young men are living with it. Without treatment, things get only worse, but many men are too embarrassed to seek treatment or advice.

What is Erectafil?

Most men know about Viagra, but they are worried about side effects or getting dependent on the drug. This is all due to absence of knowledge. In reality, Viagra/Sildenafil is one of the best treatments today, that can revive your sexual life and may improve your mental wellbeing.

Erectafil is even better than Viagra in many ways. It contains a compound called tadalafil, which helps men get a hard erection, last longer in bed, recover faster, have multiple sexual acts, and feel like 20 again.

erectafil 20mg

Erectafil is regarded safer than Viagra, but what is amazing that its single tablet lasts for 36 hours. Yes, that is really long. It means that if you have a tablet on Friday evening, its effect will almost last till Sunday evening. So, for a whole weekend, you are ever-ready to have as much sex as you like.

One of the wrong decisions that many men take is to go for herbal formulations, as they wrongly think them to be safer. However, in the majority of cases, they do not work. People continue to take them for months with the belief that something good will happen. However, medical specialists recommend that one should start treatment with Viagra-like drugs or with Erectafil as early as possible as it will result in immediate improvement in sex performance and recovery of confidence.

For years tadalafil based drugs were quite expensive as primarily only one brand Cialis was available in most of the countries. Now there is an option in the form of Erectafil.

What does science say about Erectafil?

Erectafil is a well-studied drug. It has been subject to extensive testing in 100s of clinical trials, and most studies found it to be a safe and yet amazingly safe medication. Its action lasts much longer than Viagra, almost three times longer (up to 36 hours). It even helps keep prostate gland healthy, thus improving sexual life even further. Side effects are very rare.

At present, no known drug or herb can act for 36 hours on a single dose. To test how well it works, researchers in one of the private urological practice in Hamburg Germany gave tadalafil to 348 men complaining about ED. They examined the efficacy of tadalafil after 24 hours and 36 hours, and they found that it was almost as effective after 36 hours. This is really good about Erectafil, as one of the complaints regarding Viagra is difficulty in taking it.

Viagra works optimally for 4-6 hours in most men, so there is no scope for spontaneity in sexual life. Erectafil helps overcome that problem. You can take one pill, and you are ready to have sex for the next 36 hours. For those who have sex only at weekends, it means just a single pill at weekends.

Erectafil/tadalafil is the only PDE5 or Viagra-like a drug that can be safely taken daily. However, the daily dose is much lower. If you plan to use Erectafil when and as required then 20 mg is the right dose. But if you are highly active sexually and want to take it daily, then 5 mg may be sufficient, that is just a one-fourth of the tablet. One of the major clinical trial done in 1534 men living with ED found that tadalafil is equally good, whether taken on a daily basis or when and as required. Clinical study also find that various dosing methods do not affect its safety profile negatively.

So, if you do not consume much alcohol and is sexually active, have multiple sexual acts a week, then taking Erectafil daily in a smaller dose may be an option, or another option could be taking 20 mg Erectafil on alternating days.

How to use Erectafil

One of the reasons why users love Erectafil is the ease of use; it provides huge freedom. One can take just an hour before expected sexual encounter, or take it on Friday evening and it will work for a whole weekend or take it daily in a small dose. It is best to take it with a glass of water and avoid taking food for some time.

Do not take it daily, if you consume too much alcohol. Similarly, you may need to consult a doctor if you are taking medications to treat hypertension. Those who had a heart attack recently should never take it without asking a doctor.

About manufacturer

It is a drug manufactured by Combitic global caplet (p) ltd., though not a pharmaceutical giant, but is well known globally for quality products. Various independent bodies have inspected its products and have always found them to be of the highest of quality. Multiple labs tested Erectafil in the US and EU, and all found it to be of high quality.

Possible side effects of Erectafil

All PDE5 inhibitors (a class of drugs to with Erectafil belongs) have a similar kind of side effects. It dilates blood vessels, lowers a blood pressure a bit, may cause a feeling of warmth on the face, nasal congestion, and headaches in some cases. A small number of people may complain about stomach upset.


Most of the user reviews confirm that Erectafil is a high-quality drug that helps in most cases. It is a well-tolerated drug that helps men get a hard erection fast, and last longer. One pill is enough to provide satisfying sex for almost a couple of days. It is much better than Viagra as one does not have to plan when to take a pill. Moreover, side effects with Erectafil are less frequent.

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