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Nizagara 100mg
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Nizagara 100mg is a generic version of Viagra. This means that it is used for the same purpose as Viagra and has sildenafil as an acting compound. The reason why anyone would choose Nizagara over Viagra is the cost factor, with Nizagara costing way less than Viagra.

Nizagara quite like Viagra is used to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. It will not only make you feel horny in a short time but will transform your sexual performance completely. After using Nizagara, you will be a new man and your relationship with a sexual partner will breathe a new life.

Quite often ED is neglected as people tend to think it as a temporary problem that poses no threat for health or wellbeing. However, it is far from true. In fact, ED should always be taken seriously. Man is only as healthy as his erection. The hardness of erection has a direct relationship to male health.

Even in young men, ED may quite often be an indication of worsening psychological and physiological health. Those with poor sex life and poor erection are at higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. It means that timely management of ED will save not only your sex life but also your life.

nizagara vs viagra

ED is caused due to numerous reasons, and Nizagara or Viagra is the only pill that will work for most men whatever be the reason for reduced sexual function.

Another common myth surrounding the ED is that it occurs due to low testosterone. It may be partially correct; however, in most cases, ED is a result of numerous factors. This is the reason why testosterone injections or oral steroids fail to help those living with ED.
So, what is the best way to get a hard erection each time?

How can one cure ED/impotence?

Ideally, you should take at least three steps to enjoy sex as you used to in your twenties. Firstly, make sure that you do not have any disease condition, and if such a situation occurs then try to manage it properly (like diabetes, hypertension, depression, and so on).

Secondly, pay attention to your lifestyle. It means improving your diet, doing regular exercise, having enough sound sleep. If required also take vitamins and other dietary supplements.

nizagara 100mg

Thirdly and finally, start taking a sildenafil-based drug like Nizagara. This step is most important as unlike the first two steps it will work immediately or within an hour of taking a medication. Nothing else can help that fast as sildenafil. Just take a pill, and you are ready to enjoy sex within 30 minutes. This bring back sexual confidence in you, help reduce stress and depression. It means that repeated use of Nizagara may also help overcome some diseases indirectly.

What does the science say?

ED is mostly due to either psychological reasons or underlying health conditions (diagnosed or undiagnosed diseases). Nizagara 100mg will help quite well when the reason for poor erection is just psychological. But what about ED/Impotence related to disease conditions? Will Nizagara work? What has the science to say about it?

In one of the clinical trials, sildenafil was tested in a big group of patients (n = 521) who were known to be living with various disease conditions. All participants were given sildenafil (Nizagara) for 2-months as and when required. They were recommended a dose of 50 mg, and if needed they were told to increase the dose to 100 mg or reduce it to 25 mg. At the end of the clinical trial, 82% of the participants reported benefit from the treatment, and merely 2% reported side effects.

In the trial above 39% were living with hypertension, one of the most common symptoms of cardiovascular diseases. 37% had hypogonadism, a sign of low testosterone and thus reduced sexual function. Whereas, 34% were on the multiple drugs for numerous other diseases.
The trial above indicates that Nizagara will help in most cases, whatever be the cause of ED/impotence. It is clear that sildenafil is more effective than most people can imagine.

How to use Nizagara

There is a reason why sildenafil/Nizagara/Viagra is merely known as a pill. You take one tablet an hour before planned intercourse, and you are ready. 80-90% of men will not only see a better erection but much harder erection than they can imagine and it will last for several hours. Most men with Nizagara will be able to have multiple sexual acts.

There is no need to take Nizagara on a daily basis. It does not cure ED and only helps get a hard erection quickly. This means that you take it only as often as you plan to have sex. However, do not take more than one pill in 24 hours as it may cause a painful erection if the dose is exceeded.

About the product and manufacturer

When choosing any drug to treat a health condition, it is essential to have a look at the manufacturer as it speaks a lot about the quality of the drug. Nizagara does not score very high here as its manufacturer is not well known outside its country of manufacture. Nizagara is produced by a mid-sized pharmaceutical company called Combitic Global Caplet Pvt. Ltd.

Nizagara 100mg: The Magic Pill from India

We men have a great responsibility that we cannot abandon during sex: we are the ones who command and govern the whole show. However, due to various factors, we may lose the ability to achieve or maintain a lasting erection that allows us to enjoy our relationships as we like.

For that, and many more reasons, Nizagara was born. This pill, whose base compound is Sildenafil, can give you back what you so long for your virility. With just one pill a day, you’re almost ready to go back to bed.

How does it work?

Simple. When we suffer from erectile dysfunction there is a molecule that has trouble secreting itself: nitric oxide. For this reason, scientists created a drug that could increase the levels of this molecule in our blood, and thus vasodilate and enlarge the vessels of the penis, which is what ultimately causes the erection.

Although its effect is quite prolonged, up to more than 12 hours, it is necessary that you take the pill at least 30 minutes before having sex. It does not mean that you will have a 12-hour erection, but that you will have 12 hours to have that erection.

How could I control it?

Psychological stimulation is the basis of erection. Even if you take the pill, if there is no stimulus to move your psyche, there will be nothing. For this reason, it is quite unfeasible for you to have permanent erections, plus of course organic fatigue.

What About Side/Adverse Effects?

Nizagara 100mg was created to keep unwanted effects to a minimum. However, even the noblest drug (such as Tylenol) possesses them. Some of the most important can be low blood pressure and tachycardia, so we recommend that you see your trusted doctor before you start using them. Research suggests that only about 1-2% users may have any kind of side effects with Nizagara. Most side effects are mild and readily tolerable. So, some people may get short term headaches, stuffy nose, red eyes, hot flashes. These effects occur due to vasodilation caused by the drug.
Nizagara may also reduce blood pressure for a short time. Thus, it should be cautiously used by those taking medications for treating heart conditions.

Dosage – How to Use It

Although the tablets are 100mg, we are all different and we can react differently between us to stimulation with Nizagara. Therefore, we recommend that you start with small doses, 50mg, and then increase it as needed. Remember, we are interested in you being happy and enjoying your sexual relations, not that any negative effect happens to you.

Nizagara 100mg vs Viagra price & efficiency comparison

Nizagara 100mg prices start at $ 0.54 for 1 tablet when buying a pack of 360 pills and up to $ 1.21 for 10 pills.

Nizagara prices 100 mg pill

Compared with Viagra, the price of Nizagara is much lower, to compare Viagra in the same dosage of 100 mg of sildenafil, it costs from 0.99 dollars to 2.70 dollars per pack from 360 to 10 pills.

Viagra prices 100mg pill

There are not many reviews on the Internet about Nizagara as the world-famous Viagra, but from the available, it can be concluded that Nizagara works almost as efficiently, which, taking into account the cost, makes it a very profitable acquisition. The age category of men who used Nizagara varies from 42 to 57 years and no side effects were noticed, according to subjective impressions, the drug is slightly less effective than Viagra, but not enough to compensate for the difference in their cost. If you take Viagra as a standard on a scale of 5 points, then Nizagara shows a result of 4 points, which indicates a fairly good efficiency compared to Viagra

Where Can I Buy Nizagara 100mg?

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To conclude, stop compromising with your sexual life, and have no fear of poor sexual performance. With Nizagara 100mg you will be a high performer in a bed within half an hour. Considering the efficacy and safety, of the drug, there is no reason not to give it a try.