Revatio 20mg – good for erectile dysfunction and lungs too

Revatio 20mg
revatio 20mg
Generic name: Sildenafil
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Revatio is a sildenafil based drugs; it means that it contains the same active ingredient as Viagra. It is even produced by the same company that is Pfizer. Yes, Revatio is also manufactured by the originator and is not a generic drug.

It leads us to the next logical question, if both drugs contain the same thing, and are made by the same company, then what is the difference? Well, the difference is in the dosage. Revatio has sildenafil at a much lower dose of 20 mg, whereas, in Viagra, it is in 50 or 100 mg.

This does not answer the primary question, why come up with a separate name for a lower dose. The reason is simple, Revatio has a different indication, it is to be taken on a daily basis to treat a rare kind of condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Viagra is used to treat erectile dysfunction/Impotence.


PAH is a rare disease with very few treatments available. In the condition, there is a rise in pulmonary blood pressure due to the stiffening of arteries. PAH is also related to other diseases of connective tissues; it is related to reduced heart health, kidney diseases, and joint pains.

Will Revatio help with erectile dysfunction?

Yes, inevitably as it is the same thing as Viagra, but you will need to take more than one tablet, as the dose of 20 mg will help only in very few cases. 20 mg may help young people with mild erectile dysfunction. However, most will need 2-4 tabs (20 mg) of Revatio taken simultaneously to get that effects.

The reason why anyone would take Revatio in place of Viagra is simple. Revatio is classified as a lifesaving drug, and Viagra not. It means that Revatio is cheaper though equally effective. Here important is to start with a dose of about 50 mg, and if it does not help than increase it to 100 mg.
When treating PAH, Revatio is taken on a daily basis.

However, when you use it to treat erectile dysfunction, you take it only when needed. There is no need to take it daily, take Revatio an hour before the planned sex.

Revatio and Viagra are safe and beneficial in many conditions
Nowadays, Viagra (sildenafil) is most commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction or male impotence. However, very few people know that it was created in the early 1990s to treat heart disease and related pain.

However, by 1993 it was clear that Viagra was not helping much with heart disease. It seemed that Pfizer is going to lose in its billion-dollar effort. The company was almost in the last stages of closing the file.

When they asked the participants of the clinical trial about the other effects of the drug, some participants shyly and hesitantly told that they have a much better erection.

Thus the newer usage of Viagra was discovered. Before Viagra, erectile dysfunction was not easy to treat, as it involved injections to the penis, use of pumps, surgeries, and so on.

As Viagra relaxes blood vessels, researchers also discovered its efficacy in PAH. It also improves blood flow to female genitals, though benefit in women is unclear. It may mildly reduce blood pressure by overcoming vasoconstriction.

What does the science say?

revatio vs viagra

We here discuss Revatio for erectile dysfunction. Now there is enough accumulated data to say that Revatio or Viagra will help in more than 90% of cases without causing any severe side effects. It will significantly improve erection quality in those with diabetes, depression, heart diseases, brain disorders like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s, and even in spinal conditions. It is also useful in those with cancers, multi-organ diseases.

How to use Revatio?

The only downside of using Revatio in place of Viagra is the need to take more than a single tablet. Most commonly available dosage of Revatio is 20 mg, which may not be enough for many men.

It means that if you have severe erectile dysfunction, you may need multiple tablets. Sildenafil works well at the dose of above 50 mg, and many will need 100 mg.

For erectile dysfunction treatment take a tab or two of Revatio with plain water about an hour before having intercourse.

About the product and manufacturer

There is a reason to prefer Revatio over the cheaper generics. It is produced by the innovator, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. For most of the time during the last fifty years, Pfizer has remained as top 10 pharma companies in the world. In 2017 it was rated as the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world. It means that one can be 100% confident in the quality of Revatio.

Adverse effects

Most side effects of Revatio occur due to relaxation of blood vessels leading to headaches, stuffy nose, facial redness, dyspepsia. None of these side effects are dangerous for life.
Some older adults worry about the cardio safety of Revatio or Viagra.

However, it must be understood that in healthy adults there is no such risk. In fact, research shows that sildenafil is rather cardio-protective.
As per the American College of Cardiology, it should not be used in severe heart conditions. It must not be taken with nitrates (used to treat heart pain), those who recently had a heart attack, in people with low blood pressure. Caution should be practiced in those taking drugs to treat high blood pressure.


Sildenafil (Viagra or Revatio) completely changed the way erectile dysfunction is treated. Before this drug was discovered, treatment was dissatisfactory and needed multiple visits to the doctor. Viagra helped us to understand that the problem of erection is more common than thought earlier. The problem becomes more severe with age and diseases.

Revatio will help in most cases of erectile dysfunction. It does not matter much what caused erectile dysfunction. It is a very safe drug. There is no need for daily dosing. It is taken just an hour before planned sex.

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