Vigora 100 mg for sexual vigor

Vigora 100 mg is an analog of the popular drug Viagra and contains sildenafil as an ingredient. Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that improves blood flow to male genitals on sexual stimulation. Vigora can help men overcome erectile dysfunction (ED) immediately, and help revive libido.

Vigora 100 mg
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If one does not treat ED in time, it may worsen the relationship with a partner, reduce self-esteem leading to decreased sex drive or libido. Falling libido further leads to depression, substance abuse, sleep disturbances thus aggravating the problem of erectile dysfunction. Therefore, ED must be taken seriously and treated immediately, before things become too severe to correct.

Vigora 100 mg will enable you to start enjoying sex, and thus start getting all the benefits related to regular sex. Yes, sex is not just about fun and enjoyment, it can also help you stay healthy.

Sex helps boost immunity, stay active, have enough of sleep, improve bladder control, lower blood pressure, help burn fat (sexercise is an excellent form of exercise), lower risk of heart disease, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, and much more. So, stop delaying, and start using Vigora to revive your sex life.

Vigora 100mg

What does the science say about Vigora?

Needless to say, that sildenafil is now among the most well-tested drugs in medical history. Immense experience shared by its users on various online platforms leaves no doubt that Vigora/sildenafil works. Let’s look at some of the latest clinical studies to understand how good is this drug.

In one of the recent investigations, 1109 men were given Vigora (sildenafil) for impotence or ED, and the starting dose was 50 mg. At this dose, participants reported having about six sexual acts in a month. Therapy had an 82% success rate. 20% of the participants reported attempting second sexual act within four hours of the first sexual act.

This is genuinely fantastic, considering that these people were failing to have any sex at all before using sildenafil. After four weeks these participants met the doctor again, and some of the requested to increase the dose to 100 mg. At 100 mg dose, 91% of participants were able to enjoy sex. Thus, research indicates that although 50 mg will work in most cases, but a significant number of men will need 100 mg for better sex.

As men get older, they become more prone to emotional disorders like depression. Nowadays, as many as 30% or more men aged 50 years or above may be living with severe emotional stress or even depression.

Many of these men are taking drugs to treat their depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Drugs used to induce sleep or help overcome depression are known to have an adverse effect on sexual life. Most of these drugs suppress sexual drive or libido, and may even lead to erectile dysfunction. Research indicates that Vigora can help men in such instances.

In one of the clinical studies sildenafil (Vigora) was given to men living with ED caused by drugs used to treat depression. These men were given sildenafil for six months and at the end of the study most reported higher satisfaction from sex, improved quality of life. It shows that Vigora can not only treat ED but can also help improve mood and quality of life in depressed people.

Vigora red tablets

How to use Vigora 100 mg?

What is most fascinating about Vigora or sildenafil is its ease of use and promptness of action. Unlike, drug therapies for other disease conditions, you do not take it daily. Vigora is only taken on a day when you are planning to enjoy sex with your partner. As already mentioned, it works immediately, so you take it just an hour before sex. You need to take only one pill in a day.

Vigora 100 mg start working after about 30 minutes and its peak effect is reached within an hour of taking a pill. It continues to work well for most men for four hours at least. Majority of men can feel improved erection for up to 12 hours. Some men even report improved erection for 24 hours. How long it will work may depend on the severity of ED and emotional state of the person.

Vigora will work more effectively when taken with water. It is better to avoid taking it with food or alcoholic drinks. Taking it with food or beverages may reduce its effectiveness a bit.

About manufacturer of Vigora

Vigora 100 mg is produced by a company called German Remedies, which is a subsidiary of one of the leading pharmaceutical company in India named Cadilla. Cadilla is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India, that exports its products to more than 80 nations globally.  So, you can be confident that Vigora is produced using highest standards and it is a drug you can depend on.

Possible side effects of Vigora 100 mg

Although side effects of sildenafil are not rare, fortunately, they are mild, thus well-tolerated and rarely result in discontinuation of therapy. Moreover, side effects are short-lived and rarely cause distress for more than few hours.

Most of the side effects of Vigora 100 mg occur due to its effect of relaxing blood vessels and thus increasing blood flow to various organs. Therefore, after taking the pill you may feel additional warmth in a face, get headaches, may not feel like eating anything, may have blurring of vision. Nasal congestion is also a common issue.

Only contradiction to therapy is severe heart disease like a recent history of heart attack. Caution is also needed when taking anti-hypertensive drugs as in some cases sildenafil may lead to low blood pressure.


Do not delay your treatment of ED, as things are not going to get better by just hoping. Instead, be proactive and start taking Vigora 100 mg. There is no need to hesitate as benefits of taking Vigora are much more than risks. Moreover, you will not have to wait to see the results as it works almost instantly.

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