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Modern lifestyle along with unstoppable aging will result in a fearful and embarrassing situation for most men, earlier or later. This unwelcomed condition is called erectile dysfunction (ED). A state when men fail to get an erection hard enough, and even if it occurs, it does not last long to achieve orgasm. Zenegra 100 mg will help solve this problem.

Majority of men would see a fall in sexual energy after the forties. However, with an increasing average age of men, it can barely be called middle age. Most men of forties nowadays feel young, and they would like to continue enjoying sex as in their twenties.

Most men understand that this decline in sexual energy is caused due to falling testosterone levels. However, very few men know that low testosterone alone is seldom the cause of poor sexual performance. Such an age-related decline has more to do with chronic stress, lack of physical activity, disease conditions like diabetes, and in a large number of cases it is chronic alcohol use.

zenegra 100mg

In the 20ies alcohol and sex may mix well for most, but that is rarely the case for men in their 40ies. Let us accept that alcohol is commonly consumed at weekends, at romantic times. But research shows that heavy drinking is now emerging as one of the most common causes of ED/ impotence. In fact, as many as 60% of men living with ED report heavy or regular alcohol consumption.

Why modern men and women consume alcohol so often? Well, relaxing, anti-stress, anti-depressant effects of alcohol are well known to people and medicine. However, when alcohol is consumed in excess, it leads to sexual dysfunction in men like decreased sexual desire, avoidance of sexual act, difficulty in erection, inability to get an orgasm, premature ejaculation and much more.

Zenegra 100 mg can help men of any age, with ED due to almost any reason, get a stiff erection and have enjoyable sex. Many men already know how good is Viagra or sildenafil for ED. It is evident from its use as a recreational drug during the weekends. Due to a busy lifestyle, most men have dates/sex at weekends, and Zenegra can save your face and make the weekend enjoyable as it used to be.

Before you discover how well Zenegra 100 mg can help you with ED, here is a word of caution: alcohol consumption is bad for sexual and physical health. There are very few known benefits of alcohol and hundreds or proven harms. Thus, do not merely depend on the drugs, start by limiting your alcohol intake and switching to a healthy lifestyle, else in a long term nothing will help you. Also, remember the most drugs/medications do not mix well with alcohol.

What does the science say?

zenegra 50mg

In recent times there has been lots of research on Zenegra (sildenafil), and its use in various conditions leading to ED. Zenegra will help in ED related to diseases, aging, fall in testosterone levels, in more than 90% of cases.

However, as already discussed, the bigger problem is not severe impotence, rather failure to gain erection hard enough on occasions when it is required most — especially when under the influence of alcohol. Research shows that Zenegra (sildenafil) can help get hard erection and improve the quality of sex in those consuming alcohol. Sildenafil can not only improve erection but can have a positive effect on the quality of life, emotional health. Researchers think that Zenegra (sildenafil) should be part of the treatment of ED related to alcohol.

Although, it is not recommended to take Zenegra 100 mg with a high amount of alcohol as both have different effects on blood vessels, nonetheless, research shows that Zenegra will not harm if alcohol is consumed in moderation. One of the studies shows that sildenafil can even help protect the stomach from the damage caused by alcohol. Researchers think that it happens due to increased levels of NO (nitric oxide) in the stomach mucosa. High NO levels help protect the gastric mucosa from injury caused by alcohol.

How to use Zenegra 100 mg

One of the reasons couples love Zenegra is due to its ease of use; you just need to take a pill about an hour before starting to make love. Yes, one hour is enough for Zenegra 100 mg to transform you into an entirely new man, into a stallion, enough to make her moan and bring back the joy.

Start with 50 mg and if it does not help, better take 100 mg of Zenegra. However, do not repeat the dose within 24 hours. Moreover, there is no need to take a pill on the days when you are not planning to have sex.

About the product and manufacturer

Zenegra 100 mg is manufactured by a company called Alkem. Alkem pharmaceuticals is one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs from India. It is an FDA approved manufacturing unit that exports its formulations to more than 100 countries. It has a broad portfolio of life-saving medications. It is a company that can be trusted for quality.

Adverse effects Zenegra 100 mg

Zenegra 100 mg is surprisingly safe drug with very few known side effects. Most of its adverse events are short-lived and occur due to vascular dilation. It may cause temporary nasal congestion, heavy headedness, dizziness, feeling of warmth on the face.

Heart diseases are not a contraindication for taking Zenegra, but the reason to consult a doctor. Do not use it if you had a heart attack recently. Similarly, it should not be taken with heart medications like nitrates and drugs to lower blood pressure without consulting a doctor.


Stop living with ED, and start enjoying your weekends with wine, dine, and sex. Let the Zenegra bring back your lost confidence from the very first dose. If you have a severe problem of ED, better start immediately with a 100 mg tablet. Zenegra can help improve the quality of sex and life in 90% of cases.

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